A view from Montreal: Fast food poutine

harveysMy friends Andy and Lynda (the couple that had us over for the a Grey Cup party last year) are in Montreal right now, just coincidentally the week of this site’s launch.

I asked Andy before he left if he could do me the favor of taking photos of Montreal poutine, if he got the chance. Well, poutine is ubiquitous in its Quebec birthplace, and he delivered the first photo yesterday, which you can see above. Nothing fancy, just fast food poutine at Harvey’s.

I boldly predict (hope?) that Burgerville will someday offer poutine, with fresh Tillamook cheddar cheese curds!

Homemade Grey Cup Party Poutine

2009_Grey_Cup-200The 2009 Grey Cup is just around the corner – Sunday, November 29th. The Grey Cup, for the non-Canadaphiles, is the Super Bowl of the Canadian Football League.

And could there be a better accompaniment to a Grey Cup party than poutine and beer?

Last year Andy and Québécoise Lynda invited us to their Grey Cup party. The game was held in Montreal, and the hometown team, the Allouettes, made it to the final. We would celebrate Canada-style: with Canadian beer and homemade poutine.

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Welcome to Portland Poutine!

dinerantpoutine09You do know what poutine is, don’t you?

Nowadays, everyone in Portland knows what goes into the French Canadian delicacy known as poutine, but just a few years ago that wasn’t the case – poutine was virtually unheard of in these parts.

Poutine is now available as a regular menu item at a handful of restaurants in Portland, Oregon – in particular Lincoln, The Original Dinerant, and of course Potato Champion, and it makes an appearance occasionally at other restaurants – notably Clyde Common.

This blog aims to review poutines throughout the city, and spotlight the best. We’ll also review menu items that I like to call poutinesque. Think C Bar‘s S.E. Poutin, Dot’s Jalapeño-cheddar Fries, Kenny and Zuke’s pastrami fries, or Oaks Bottom Pub‘s Totchos. All, in some ways, like poutine, but lacking or substituting a key ingredient (sadly, usually gravy).