A Portlander searches for gravy


Gravy made from a roux and real beef or chicken stock is ideal for poutine, but when time is of the essence, or you just don’t have the ingredients handy, it’s nice to know you have a can or packet of gravy mix in the cupboard.

I’m lucky – I have a friend who makes frequent trips to Quebec. She always brings me a few packets or cans of St. Hubert Poutine Sauce Mix, or Club House brand Poutine Gravy Mix – I have accumulated a large supply.

But where can a Portlander who doesn’t have a friend from Quebec find Poutine gravy mixes? As far as I know, no where in Portland (if any readers know differently, please comment and let us know!).

I have discovered, however, that there are a number of online retailers catering to expat Canadians. My favourite is Canadian Favourites, where you can find St Hubert Poutine gravy mix, and a number of other gravy mixes, and they ship anywhere in the world. Or you can befriend a Canadian.