Yours truly enjoying homemade poutineThis website is dedicated to all things poutine, and poutinesque, in Portland.

I’ve been fascinated by poutine since I first heard of the Canadian delicacy only a few years ago. Well-made french fries are a nearly perfect food; adding cheese was a stroke of genius – gravy, a revelation!

Just two years ago, it was difficult (though not impossible) to find poutine in Portland. Notably, the Portland Mercury‘s Scott Moore and Cuisine Bonne Femme of Portland Food and Drink and Food Carts Portland did their parts to raise consciousness, but poutine remained elusive.

And then everything changed – Potato Champion opened.

Potato Champion not only makes fantastic poutine (perfect fries, fresh curds, homemade gravy), but almost single handedly brought poutine into the public consciousness of Portlanders.

My day blog is Dave Knows Portland, and I’ve blogged a bit about poutine through the years. Now there are numerous purveyors of poutine in Portland, and I suspect the perfect beer accompaniment and late night stomach filler’s popularity will continue to grow. I figured the time was ripe to start Portland Poutine. Heather, of Mile73, who I have shared many a poutine with, has been helping me bring my dream to fruition. She created that nifty logo at the top of this page, and the fleur-de-lis background, and will be helping me keep this place active and up to date.

Thank you for your interest!