Vera’s Burger Shack Bringing Authentic Canadian Poutine (and Burgers) to Portland

Vera's Burger ShackEater PDX reports today that Vancouver, BC based Vera’s Burger Shack plans to expand to Portland.

Make way for more burgers, folks: The Vancouver, BC-based chain Vera’s Burger Shack, which operates 16 locations in BC (and one in Ottawa), has announced plans to open its first two U.S. expansion locations right here in Portland — with one slated for the Pearl District, providing direct competition to red-hot burger chain Little Big Burger.

The report indicates Vera’s plans to open the first of the new Portland branches in the Fall.

Vera’s online menu promises Poutine, The Quebecqois favourite, so on Twitter I queried if they’d be bringing poutine to Portland.

@VerasBurger’s response?

Of course!!!!

So stay tuned – a Fall review is forthcoming!

Poutine Challenge at The Original

Poutine Challenge at The Original

The Original: A Dinerant (300 SW 6th), local purveyor of fine poutine (and a breakfast version too!), presents the Poutine Challenge:

With a fanfare of trumpets and tympanic rolls, The Original invites Portland’s dining public to take The Poutine Challenge.

The goal is to fully eat five full pounds of French fried potatoes, cheese curds and brown gravy. And you have just 30 minutes to clean your plate.

Think you’re up to it? Visit The Original blot for details.

Bridgewater Bistro (Astoria)

Poutinesque Breakfast Special 7-November-2010

Astoria is my favorite town in Oregon after Portland. It’s got almost everything I need, including a walkable downtown, excellent coffee, and fantastic beer. In addition it has an interesting history and a gorgeous setting at the mouth of the Columbia River. One thing Astoria is missing, however, is poutine. But I have discovered a pair of poutinesque options in the first permanent U.S. settlement west of the Rocky Mountains.

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