C Bar

C Bar SE Poutin

Last night we finally made it over to C Bar to try their poutinesque SE Poutin.

S.E. Poutin: French fries, collard greens, bacon, gravy (chicken or vegan mushroom) (can be made Vegan). $7.75

As you can see the crucial ingredient missing from this menu selection is cheese, hence the poutinesque label.

So what we’re talking about, really, is gravy fries . . . topped with collard greens. The fries, seasoned with salt and smoked paprika (aka vegan bacon), are crisp and smoky. The gravy, blended with the greens, is vinegary tart, and spiked with morsels of bacon. Two other Portland poutines sport tart gravies, that from Potato Champion, and [the now defunct] Fats. Of the three, this was our favorite. Where in the other examples the tartness seems misplaced, it’s an acceptable accent to collard greens, which by the way, were tender and delicious.

My crisp and sweet Chimay went well with the powerful flavors of the poutin. Heather indulged in a Ginger Hot Toddy, and we also shared an order of, that’s right, catfish corndogs!

Catfish Corndogs

C Bar’s SE Poutin doesn’t dethrone our favorite poutinesque delicacy in town, Red Fox‘s Gumbo Cheese Fries, but it is a worthy competitor and delicious in its own right. It can also be made vegan!

C Bar
2880 SE Gladstone Street
Portland, OR 97202
Phone: 503.230.8808
Web: www.CBarPDX.com