Welcome to Portland Poutine!

dinerantpoutine09You do know what poutine is, don’t you?

Nowadays, everyone in Portland knows what goes into the French Canadian delicacy known as poutine, but just a few years ago that wasn’t the case – poutine was virtually unheard of in these parts.

Poutine is now available as a regular menu item at a handful of restaurants in Portland, Oregon – in particular Lincoln, The Original Dinerant, and of course Potato Champion, and it makes an appearance occasionally at other restaurants – notably Clyde Common.

This blog aims to review poutines throughout the city, and spotlight the best. We’ll also review menu items that I like to call poutinesque. Think C Bar‘s S.E. Poutin, Dot’s Jalapeño-cheddar Fries, Kenny and Zuke’s pastrami fries, or Oaks Bottom Pub‘s Totchos. All, in some ways, like poutine, but lacking or substituting a key ingredient (sadly, usually gravy).