Festival de la Poutine de Vancouver

Festival de la Poutine de VancouverRoad trip anyone?

Poutine [dot] Me reports:

If you’re as big of a fan of poutine as I am, then you are familiar with le festival de la poutine that takes place every year in Drummondville, Quebec. Now folks in Vancouver, BC are doing their own take on it with the Festival de la Poutine de Vancouver.

The poutine festival is taking place on November 19 at Hellenic Community Centre at 4500 Arbutus St in Vancouver. The event includes a poutine crawl, where you get to try various poutine from Vancouver poutineries, poutine cook-off, all you can eat poutine (yum!) and even some live music.

Damn, already sold out!

Vera’s Burger Shack Bringing Authentic Canadian Poutine (and Burgers) to Portland

Vera's Burger ShackEater PDX reports today that Vancouver, BC based Vera’s Burger Shack plans to expand to Portland.

Make way for more burgers, folks: The Vancouver, BC-based chain Vera’s Burger Shack, which operates 16 locations in BC (and one in Ottawa), has announced plans to open its first two U.S. expansion locations right here in Portland — with one slated for the Pearl District, providing direct competition to red-hot burger chain Little Big Burger.

The report indicates Vera’s plans to open the first of the new Portland branches in the Fall.

Vera’s online menu promises Poutine, The Quebecqois favourite, so on Twitter I queried if they’d be bringing poutine to Portland.

@VerasBurger’s response?

Of course!!!!

So stay tuned – a Fall review is forthcoming!

The Globe and Mail gives a shout out to Portland Poutine

The Globe and MailIn the The Globe and Mail, Saturday, May 22nd 2010 edition, John Allemang writes about the world wide reach of Canada’s favorite late night snack in: Poutine: Quebec’s accidental delicacy becomes global haute cuisine

It’s official: Poutine is a global player.

The world poutine-eating championships being held Saturday in Toronto – as a high-cal appetizer to a Toronto FC soccer game – are as good a sign as any that Quebec’s down-home artery clogger has finally arrived on the international stage.

Chicago, San Francisco, and of course New York; you can find poutine in more and more places throughout the world. And Portlanders may have more poutine choices than any other city not in Canada. I spoke to Mr. Allemang about my, and Portland’s, poutine obsession for the article.

In Portland, Ore., there are at least a dozen locales that play to poutine cravings, including the Potato Champion, which boasts of being the city’s only late-night French-fries cart and tempts homebound drinkers with vegetarian and even vegan poutine, as well as the standard version made with free-range chicken stock and artisanal curds.

How does an Oregon city come to be a force in the dish’s globalization? “There’s a big foodie culture here,” says software engineer David Strom, author of the Portland Poutine website. “There’s also an irony addiction in Portland. In the end, poutine’s the perfect junk food. … You’ve got gravy, you’ve got French fries, you’ve got cheese – what’s not to like?”

Mr. Strom traces his passion for poutine to a visit he made to Montreal in 2005: The motto of his website is “We have much to learn from Canada.” Montreal’s reputation as a lively tourist destination is in large part responsible for poutine’s rise in the food world.

Read the rest of the article for more on poutine’s march around the world.

The 2010 World Poutine Eating Championship

World Poutine Eating ChampionshipSmoke’s Poutinerie, in conjunction with the Major League Eating & International Federation of Competitive Eating (IFOCE), brings you the 2010 World Poutine Eating Championship on Saturday, May 22nd in Toronto, Canada.

Join Smoke’s Poutinerie and some of Major League Eating’s Top Professional Eaters from around the world to see who can set the world record of Poutine eating. Hosted live on May 22nd at BMO Field, you will have opportunities to win prizes by participating or simply predicting how much Poutine will be eaten.

This would be a good weekend for a trip to Canada.