The 2010 World Poutine Eating Championship

World Poutine Eating ChampionshipSmoke’s Poutinerie, in conjunction with the Major League Eating & International Federation of Competitive Eating (IFOCE), brings you the 2010 World Poutine Eating Championship on Saturday, May 22nd in Toronto, Canada.

Join Smoke’s Poutinerie and some of Major League Eating’s Top Professional Eaters from around the world to see who can set the world record of Poutine eating. Hosted live on May 22nd at BMO Field, you will have opportunities to win prizes by participating or simply predicting how much Poutine will be eaten.

This would be a good weekend for a trip to Canada.

Miss Poutine

Miss Poutine

I searched far and wide (online) for a copy of Miss Poutine, the game, but found nothing . . . until earlier this week.

Experience a snack bar’s rush hour!

A game for 4-8 players, ages 10 and older.

The employees of the “Miss Poutine” go head to head to be the fastest to fill their orders.
Every round, the slowest players receive mop points. The first to reach 3 points loses the
game and gets to make the floor shine!

My review forthcoming, but meanwhile check out the video review at Board to Death TV.