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Foster Burger Poutine
You know what makes a poutine even better? When you don’t have to share it. Among the half dozen selections on Foster Poutine’s new menu (pdf), I was happy to just get the original, no frills poutine with fries, curds and gravy.

Dave got the Arleta Poutine, Foster Burger’s take on the traditional poutine Galvaude with roasted chicken and peas. I’m sort of not into peas. But Dave will pretty much put peas on anything. ANYTHING. So he was in pea poutine heaven. We each had our own plate and I ate every last bite.

Foster Burger Arleta Poutine -  pees and chicken!

Foster Burger’s poutine has everything you could want in a poutine. Perfect fries, great gravy, which we learned takes three days to make. It’s because they add magic or something to make it super delicious. Three day magic. My one tiny quibble was that the curds were still chilled by the time the plate got to our table and they never really melted into a gooey mess. But they were fresh and springy and tasty.

We’re already planning future visits to dive into the varieties we didn’t get a chance to try: Brooklyn Poutine (curds, gravy, smoked pastrami), Woodstock Poutine (curds, mushroom gravy, mushrooms, onions, and garlic), and Clinton Poutine (curds, gravy, pork belly, bacon, pastrami, sauteed onions!).

It’s fantastic to see a Portland restaurant finally devote significant space on their menu to a variety of poutine concoctions. Foster Burger does not disappoint.

Foster Burger
5339 SE Foster Road
Portland, OR 97206
Phone: 503.775.2077

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  2. I’m with you if by “sort of not into peas” you mean “peas are an abomination.” Otherwise, this looks to be a tasty addition to Foster Burger’s menu.

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  4. i was absolutely disappointed with foster burger’s poutine. the gravy tasted like floury barbecue sauce and the potatoes were floppy. what do they do to it that takes three days? they should stop. their burgers are incredible, but i’ll buy frozen french fries and canned gravy before ordering their poutine again.

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