Gravy Gravy Fries

Gravy is known for its breakfast (and the 30 people out front Saturday and Sunday late mornings waiting to get in), and rightfully so.

But Gravy also has a lunch menu (weekdays only) . . . and Gravy Fries.

Though not exactly poutine, Gravy’s Gravy Fries hold up nicely: great fries, shredded sharp cheddar in lieu of squeaky curds, and country gravy instead of brown gravy.

Gravy Gravy Fries from the side

Call them Portland Disco Fries, if you will.

You can pick at the crispy fries at the top with your fingers, but I recommend a fork (or maybe even a spoon) for the majority of the fries deep in the bowl. Gravy’s Gravy Fries are friggin delicious; it’s all about the gravy.

3957 N Mississippi Ave
Portland, Oregon 97227
Phone: 503.287.8800

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