Homemade Grey Cup Party Poutine

2009_Grey_Cup-200The 2009 Grey Cup is just around the corner – Sunday, November 29th. The Grey Cup, for the non-Canadaphiles, is the Super Bowl of the Canadian Football League.

And could there be a better accompaniment to a Grey Cup party than poutine and beer?

Last year Andy and Québécoise Lynda invited us to their Grey Cup party. The game was held in Montreal, and the hometown team, the Allouettes, made it to the final. We would celebrate Canada-style: with Canadian beer and homemade poutine.

We enjoyed beers from both ends of the Canadian quality spectrum: La Fin Du Monde, and Molson Canadian.

And then to the fries. Ideally twice-fried *real* fries would have been better, but the scent of the deep fryer can linger for days in a house, so out of respect for my hosts we used oven-baked Ore-Ida® Golden Fries®.

Ore-Ida Golden Fries

They’re pretty nice looking, though not as crisp as the real thing.

To make up for the less than ideal fries, we used good quality cheese curds: Beecher’s fresh curds from New Seasons. They’re ridiculously expensive – $5.45 for 6oz of friggin CURDS – but this was a special occasion. We sprinkled the curds on top, tucking some of them deep into the hot fries.

Beecher's Fresh Curds

And then we spooned authentic St Huber ready to serve Poutine sauce (aka gravy), from Lynda’s personal stash.

St. Hubert read-to-serve Poutine gravy!



The poutine, albeit not gourmet quality, was a delicious success. Unfortunately the Allouettes lost to the Calgary Stampede.

Yours truly enjoying the poutine

Thanks to Heather of Mile73.com for the photographs!

A slightly different version of this post was published last year at Dave Knows Portland as How I spent my Grey Cup Sunday.

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