Irving Street Kitchen

Poutine at Iriving Street Kitchen
Available on the happy hour menu (4:30-6pm every day) in the bar, Irving Street Kitchen‘s poutine does not appear on the regular menu. At only $5 it’s one of the better poutine deals in town.

This poutine was not your average Quebecois junk food. It arrived in front of us as perfectly uniform bricks of golden yellow fries, and a light, dare I say, dainty white cheese sauce. This meal, like others I’ve had at Irving Street Kitchen, was like a piece of art on a plate. Of course it is delicious, you can tell before you even lift your fork. The gravy had the authenticity and heft of duck fat, which was a pleasant and faithful interpretation of the junk food we love. But this was no sloppy meal you scarf down at the end of a night of Pabsts. This was the most classy poutine we’ve had yet in Portland.

Poutine at Irving Street Kitchen, different angle

Dave and I were fortunate to strike up a conversation with Brandon our bartender (@brwise on Twitter. He’s also a contributor to the Daily Blender). He talked me into a fabulous libation and I don’t recall what it was, except it was infused with Stumptown Hairbender Coffee and some house made bitters. And it was delicious. That’s all I remember. And Dave had a Calvados, neat.

And a short time later, in front of us arrived a Butterscotch Pudding with Brown Ale Caramel, Crème fraiche and Caramel Corn with Curried Peanuts. Oh. My. Good. Lord.

Butterscotch Pudding with Brown Ale Caramel, Crème fraiche and Caramel Corn with Curried Peanuts

This was not normally a dessert I would order of my own volition. Because I would think, meh, butterscotch pudding. But upon first bite, I realized this was the best dessert I’ve had in a long, long time. And we eat a lot of goddamned dessert. I would order this butterscotch pudding all day, every day. I just barely kept my composure to keep from licking the inside of the jar it came in. Okay? It was fricken GOOD. It was all fantastic. I like Irving Street Kitchen. It even felt like a date. Which I think is illegal once you get married. Good thing we weren’t arrested.

Irving Street Kitchen
701 NW 13th Avenue (at Irving Street)
Portland, OR 97209
Phone: 503.343.9440

3 thoughts on “Irving Street Kitchen

  1. I’m going to have to go for the butterscotch pudding alone. I *LOVE* butterscotch pudding! Oh, and maybe I’ll check out the poutine, too. ^_^

  2. Psst….The cocktail is called the “Slow Drip” and can be found on ISK’s brunch cocktail list or by request.

    Thanks for the nice words, btw! a pleasure meeting you both 🙂

  3. Devlyn – The butterscotch pudding, as Heather explains, was phenomenal. The poutine was unconventional, but excellent. Could have used more cheese!

    @brwise – Thanks! We’ll be stopping in occasionally for the poutine, and I definitely want to try the brunch.

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