Melt Poutine

Poutine is the quintessential Quebec coup de grâce to a night of drinking. But that has never been my experience in Portland; poutine has been the point of the venture, not the coda to a fun evening. Until last Friday.

After enjoying the cheer and strong beer at the Holiday Ale Festival for a few hours, Diane, Amy, and I bused up to NW Portland to meet Heather at a newish restaurant on 21st, called simply Melt, next door to neighborhood institution Coffeetime. We had been informed (hat tip to reader Don!) the restaurant and bar offered something interesting on the happy hour menu:

Portland Poutine: fries, pepper jack, scratch gravy, roast chilies. $5

We ordered another round of drinks, a plate of poutine, and dug in.


Well, it wasn’t horrible. Unfortunately the gravy was bland and under seasoned. It had the thickness of a good scratch gravy but tasted as if it were, somehow, watered down. The fries were not cooked to the golden brown crispness I prefer (though they were good enough). The pepper jack and roast chilies were an interesting, and tasty, rift on the classic, however, and the tuna melt sandwich I also ordered was pretty darn good.

716 NW 21st Ave
Portland, Oregon 97209
Phone: 503.295.4944