More Portland Poutine Purveyors: Hawthorne Hophouse and Bunk Bar

Not too long ago we were worried we’d run out of poutines in Portland to review. Portlanders recently lost a purveyor in Fats, and despite our keen eyes and ears we were not finding any new poutine offerings in the Rose City.

Until now.

Hawthorne HophouseThe recently opened Hawthorne Hophouse (4111 SE Hawthorne) fills a hophead niche in upper Hawthorne. We had fully intended to eventually take a tour of the taplist, but were not expecting the food menu to hold much interest. That was until we read the Bar Pilot‘s recent review of the Hophouse – hallelujah, poutine! Small, large, and only $4 at happy hour. Stay tuned – a visit and a review are forthcoming!

Bunk BarBunk Bar (1028 SE Water) opened over the summer, and though we have yet to make the pilgrimage we were randomly perusing the menu online (it’s something we do) and noted an intriguing item:

Fries w/ Debris Gravy and Bunk Cheese $5

Suddenly our procrastination about visiting Bunk Bar is seeming more and more reckless!

And there’s a third poutine we’ve yet to try in Portland.

Back in August when we visited the Jolly Roger to try their poutine style fries, I noted that tater tots too were on the menu. I queried the waitress and yes, my friends, tater tots can be ordered poutine style as well. And yes, my friends, we will try them . . . eventually!

The lesson we learned is that poutine is not on the decline in Portland – if anything it’s becoming more and more common. We almost expect these days when we peruse the menu of a pub or bar to find something resembling poutine. We live in a golden age for poutine in Portland.

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