Poutine in the New York Times [blog]

dinersjournal_postFriend of the blog Ronna Mogelon and her excellent Poutine Chronicles, a blog about the search for the perfect poutine, got a hat tip in the New York Times yesterday. In a post entitled Getting Beneath the Gravy in the Diner’s Journal, The New York Times Blog on Dining Out, Kim Severson writes:

If you need to learn more about poutine – and really, who doesn’t? – Diner’s Journal suggest spending a little time with Ronna Mogelon and her Poutine Chronicles.

The nuances of the French-Canadian dish built from gravy, cheese curds and French fries are myriad. Does it taste better on a plate or in a foam cup, which allows the dish to stay melty and warm to the last bite. Should poutine be tarted up with foie gras? And does poutine have a season? (Apparently yes.)

Ronna is also the creator of the famous fauxtine cake, featured previously on Portland Poutine: Let Them Eat Poutine.