Redondo Beach Cafe

Regular Poutine at Redondo Beach Cafe

We spent Christmas weekend in Los Angeles, where we were fortunate to find the Redondo Beach Cafe, which is owned by a pair of brothers originally from Montreal. The menu features the Canadian classics, Montreal smoked meats and poutine!

We ordered both the regular, Montreal Poutine, and the Smoked Meat variety. Both were excellent.

Smoked Meat Poutine

The regular poutine was the most authentic I’ve tried in the USA. The curds were a bit cold and not so melty, but the fries and gravy matched perfectly the experience I had on a visit to Montreal a few years ago. This was not gourmet poutine, it was real poutine. The smoked meat poutine was heavenly – we seriously need more poutine variety and/or a Canadian restaurant in Portland!

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  1. I tried it! Twas good! I loved the Montreal Poutine! Love me some meat on those deep fried potato sticks! Slathered in gravy!!

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