The Victory Bar

Bacon and Cheddar Poutine at Victory Bar
I’d been meaning to visit The Victory Bar ever since Imbibe Magazine named it one of the 100 best places to drink beer in the country. That was almost two years ago, however, and somehow my beer drinking never took me out to SE 37th and Division. Recently, however, I noted an intriguing tweet from @VictoryBar:

La Trappe trappist Quadrupel on draft.. goes great with our new Poutine (Belgian Fries with homemade bacon cheddar gravy).

Last Thursday, seeing as how it happened to be Canada Day, Heather and I declared that we would celebrate with some poutine. We made our way to The Victory Bar.

We shared a plate of poutine and an order of hushpuppies. The excellent french fries (virtually all the Portland poutineries have good fries) were stacked high with chunks of melty cheddar. The bacon gravy rested mostly at the bottom the plate, but morsels of thick cut bacon remained atop the fries and cheddar. The poutine was excellent. The hush puppies were good too. I washed my share down with the delicious Line Dry Rye from Oakshire Brewing.

Poutine and hush puppies

We’ll be back, both for the poutine and to the peruse the amazing beer selection more thoroughly . . .

The Victory Bar
3652 SE Division St. (37th & SE Division)
Portland, Oregon 97202
Twitter: @VictoryBar