Can you bake in a cookie tin?

No, those are not designed or constructed to be used as a baking dish — the paints will burn off, the interior coating will melt (no idea of it’s toxic, but it can’t be good!) — and you could even melt the material used to weld the metal together.

Can you bake in a tin can?

A baking pan is basically a large tin can. It can be made from aluminum and coated in a slick material which makes it nonstick. At the heart of it, it’s a giant tin can and we use a gift can meant for packaging cookies, brownies, and other baked good to make this decadent chocolate cake.

You can decorate them with paint, fabrics & trims or paper. Nice for keepsake boxes, gift sewing kits, and special gift containers. You can also paint them to make cute kitchen accessories, who needs store bought canisters when you can design your own with recycled tins!

Can you bake in Christmas tins?

Is it safe to bake cakes in tin cans? Yes it is, but be sure to remove any labels and thoroughly wash and dry inside the tins before using them to bake cakes in.

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Regardless of whether or not these are acceptable in your curbside bin, or if you are unsure about the rules in your community, you can always take them to a metals recycling center, or many communities have a drop-off for scrap metals recycling.

How deep does a Christmas cake tin need to be?

However you do need a fairly deep tin for all sizes of Christmas cake. A regular sandwich tin (cake pan) will not be deep enough – you ideally need a loose-bottomed cake tin or springform pan which is around 8cm/3 1/2 inches deep.

When should you make a Christmas cake?

Christmas Cake Tip #1: Make it well in advance of Christmas

It’s best to get baking around two or three months before Christmas. This gives you plenty of time to let it mature and ‘feed’ your Christmas Cake regularly as the big day approaches.

Can you recycle a popcorn tin?

However, what you can and can’t recycle may surprise you. For example, you can recycle cardboard boxes, paper gift bags, tissue paper, greeting cards, popcorn tins, and pie plates. However, you cannot recycle bows, ribbons, styrofoam, or wrapping paper. … You also can’t recycle artificial Christmas trees.

What vintage tins are worth money?


  • “N” Hair Tobacco Pail. $373.75.
  • “N” Hair Tobacco Tin. $575.00.
  • 1776 Historical Series Candy Pail. $165.00.
  • 1860 Old Virginia Tobacco Tin. $603.75.
  • 18K Coffee Sample/Bank. $59.00.
  • 1901 Christmas Candy Pail. $632.50.
  • 2 Lb. Toyland Peanut Butter Pail. $165.20.
  • 3 Honeys Condom Tin. $55.00.

Can you recycle tin foil?

Clean foil: There’s a lot of confusion around whether foil and similar items can be recycled. As long as tin foil, foil milk bottle tops, and foil food trays are clean, they can be collected in kerbside recycling.

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