What would happen if germinating seeds are replaced by boiled seeds?

what would happen if germinating seeds are replaced by boiled seeds ? … Thus, it proves that germinating seeds produce carbon dioxide during respiration. If the seeds are boiled, then the organelles(stomata) would be killed.

Why are germinating seeds taken in the experiment What would happen if germinating seeds are replaced by boiled seeds?

What would happen if germinating seeds are replaced by boiled seeds? Answer: As germinating seeds respire actively and at a faster rate, they are taken for the experiment. Boiled seeds do not respire and so no results will be obtained if they replace the germinating seeds in the experiment.

What will happen if the seed is boiled?

Boiling seeds will kill the embryos inside and the seeds will not germinate.

Why boiled seeds do not respire?

Boiled seeds won’t grow – evidence that they have been killed by the boiling process. The high temperature irreversibly destroys crucial proteins in the plant cells, including structural proteins, so the cells fall apart (that’s why the water goes green when you boil them) and cease respiration.

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Why are germinating seeds taken in the experiment?

germinating seeds are taken in this experiment because they respire continuosly to release CO2. … there would be no absorption by KOH and hence no rise in water level in the bent glass tube [experiment observation].

How long can a seed lay dormant?

Many species of plants have seeds that delay germination for many months or years, and some seeds can remain in the soil seed bank for more than 50 years before germination.

Do germinating seeds produce carbon dioxide?

When seeds become moist, the water is first absorbed by the seed’s covering, which softens and allows water to penetrate the seed. … Therefore, carbon dioxide gas production is evidence of cellular respiration in germinating seeds.

Will boiling water kill seeds?

Hot water can penetrate the seed coat and can also kill pathogens, making it a useful tool for managing seed-borne pathogens.

Can seed germinate in boiled water?

Some seeds require scratching or nicking the hard seed coat to allow moisture to enter the seed to begin germination. … Place seeds in an almost boiling pot of water at about 180°F (82°C). Allow the seeds to soak until the water cools to room temperature. Remove the seeds and sow, scarified seeds do not store well.

What do seeds need to germinate?

Temperature, moisture, air, and light conditions must be correct for seeds to germinate. All seeds have optimal temperature ranges for germination (Table 1).

Do dead seeds respire?

Experiment to show heat is evolved during respiration:

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Living seeds respire and evolve heat while the boiled seeds do not respire and do not evolve heat.

Why do germinating seeds respire more?

The start of germination places substantial energy demands on the seed as plant growth processes take shape. As a result, cellular respiration rates increase to accommodate the cell-building activities required to break open the seed and produce the initial root and stem structures.

Do germinating seeds respire anaerobically?

germinating seeds respire anaerobically. During this process, no carbon dioxide is released. … The aerobic respiration takes a longer time and hence, the cells resort to anaerobic respiration.

What type of seeds are used in this experiment?

Answer. ✨GERMINATING seeds are used in the experiment to show that CO2 is given out during respiration…

Why is Vaseline used in the experiment?

Vaseline is used in this experiment to prevent escape of carbon dioxide making the apparatus air tight.

Which seeds are used in the experiment to show that carbon dioxide is given out during respiration?

The process of respiration is biochemically carried out wherein food, glucose to be precise is oxidized and energy is released. In this experiment, gram seeds (moistened) are used. The purpose of using these seeds is that they release carbon dioxide and are respiring actively.