What is a good dessert for a fish fry?

End on a sweet note: Serve up a classic Southern dessert like Coconut Southern Comfort Cake, Peach Cobbler, or Buttermilk-Lemon Chess Pie.

What dessert goes well with fish?

Desserts That Go Well with Seafood

  • Key lime pie. Think about how often you see fish and seafood dishes accompanied by a wedge of lemon. …
  • Chocolate mousse. The richness of chocolate balances out the taste of saltier seafood dishes, especially those seasoned with Old Bay. …
  • Fruit tarts. Who said fruit can’t be decadent?

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What dessert goes with fish and chips?

Sorbet or sherbet (even ice cream is too rich when there’s a fried entree). Upscale jello – google “sea glass jello”, which would fit the theme of the meal, or look for other creative gelatin preparations. tiffeecanoe 08/09/1211:33AM. lemon meringue or even coconut cream pie.

What goes with a fish fry?

The Menu

  • Sparkling Cherry Limeade.
  • Aged-Cheddar and Beer Dip.
  • Fried Fish.
  • Succotash Salad.
  • Dilled Cabbage-and-Cucumber Slaw.
  • Potato and Pickled-Beet Salad.
  • Blondie Ice Cream Cake.
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What dessert goes with Low Country Boil?

Louisiana strawberries are coming into season, so a strawberry shortcake or homemade strawberry ice cream might be good choices (my family Good Friday crawfish boil tradition involves homemade hand-cranked ice cream).

What dessert goes with oysters?

Lemon sorbet makes for a pleasant, light and refreshing dessert following strong or heavy shellfish dishes. The lemon flavor and cold, light, delicate texture of sorbet compliments the taste of pungent shellfish dishes while also cleansing the pallet of any lingering clam, mussel or oyster tastes.

What desserts go with steak?

Here are some of the best desserts you can pick to complement your steak dinner.

  • Tart and pies. Tart/pie is a dessert whose base is made using pastry that is combined with a variety of fillings. …
  • Fruit salad. …
  • Ice cream sundaes. …
  • Cheesecake. …
  • Chocolate cake.

What goes good with catfish dinner?

Here are 15 lip-smacking side dishes for catfish.

  • Cilantro Lime Rice. Fried catfish is not the heartiest of dishes, so you’ll want to serve a hearty side to go alongside it. …
  • Hush Puppies. …
  • French Fries. …
  • Fried Green Tomatoes. …
  • Mac & Cheese. …
  • Corn Bread. …
  • Coleslaw. …
  • Cucumber Salad.

What desserts go well with salmon?

For stronger fish filets such as cod, salmon and tuna, lemon desserts such as sorbet, key lime pie and lemon meringue pie compliment the fish flavors while cleansing the pallet.

What dessert goes well with sushi?

For dessert, melon balls are good. Green tea icecream. Fruit sorbet. Plum wine.

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What is the best fish fry?

Your Best Options For Frying

  • Alaskan Cod. Alaskan cod is often used in America’s restaurants for fish and chips because it takes perfectly to the breading and high temps used in frying. …
  • Tilapia or Catfish. If cod isn’t your style, try farm-raised tilapia or catfish. …
  • Local Options.

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What herbs go with fish?

Fresh dill, parsley, lemongrass, garlic and chives go especially well with fish. However rosemary, basil, tarragon and basil are also widely used.

Why do you Coat fish in flour before frying?

Coating fish with flour before cooking enhances its naturally delicate texture by creating a crispy golden-brown outer crust while retaining its inner flakiness. Used most often when pan-frying, the flour coating adds flavor and helps to seal in juices.

What should I serve with Low Country Boil?

The shrimp and sausage in this dish serve as the proteins, while the corn, onions and potatoes fill the traditional side dish roles. However, you can expand your feast with some traditional Southern sides such as Cole slaw, collard greens, mustard potato salad, black-eyed peas and corn bread or hush puppies.

How do you throw a Low Country Boil party?

How to Throw a Low Country Boil

  1. Step 1: Pre-Party Details. Before you throw a low-country boil, head to your local seafood market and pick up fresh shrimp and if available crayfish. …
  2. Step 2: Cook the Food. A low-country boil is quick and easy to make and always a crowd pleaser. …
  3. Step 3: Prep the Table. …
  4. Step 4: Dinner is Served. …
  5. Step 5: Clean Up!
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What dessert goes with crabs?

For some excellent ideas on what dessert to serve after your crab cake feast, read on.

  • Grapefruit Tart With Shortbread Crust.
  • No Bake Whipped Key Lime Curd Tarts.
  • Iced Citrus Crackle Cookies.
  • Box Hill Crab Cakes Is Your Source For Great Maryland Blue Crab.

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